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Do you rule your professional life, but behave like an amateur with your man? There are few things that terrify us as much as love, and yet all of us want it. At your job you're not going to work with curlers in the hair or attend a meeting unprepared, are you? You know exactly how to get what you want. Why then do we not work at love as we do our careers?

My book Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever is jam-packed with empowering tools and insights, and was inspired by some of the world's most ambitious women. It's the small things, your Butterfly Habits, that can change your life!

The empowering resources expand beyond the pages of the book. There are numerous tools and methods accessible by links - for readers only.

Some selected resources are also offered for public benefit.


Just remember how we approach the New Year. We intend to do things we already failed to do during the last 365 days. How many years do we start with a clear purpose in mind and don't keep that promise to ourselves? This habit can have a drastic impact on your love and life.

Do you know the 3 simple secrets that make coaching the "First Class Ticket" to a rich, loving relationship?

3 Simple Secrets that Make Coaching the "First Class Ticket" to Overcoming Disharmony with your romantic partner and Enjoying a Rich, Loving Relationship

Secret # 3 - The VIP Factor

VIP is an abbreviation for a "Very Important Person" who demands special treatment. Coaching includes the VIP factor, as it is a customized method based on your expressed interests and goals for success. The VIP factor doesn't mean that the coach is taking action for you. Instead it has a similar effect like when you are having private ski lessons: your skiing will improve faster.

There exist ambitious options to react to disharmony in a relationship. Unfortunately we often have just one perspective on hand – our own. That makes us drive constantly in circles until increasing frustration suffocates our faith and hopes, and relationship's love.

The crazy thing is that you own an immense database of other options to overcome relationship challenges. Having a coach at your side helps you to access that precious, inner information by respecting your personal integrity.

Secret # 2 – From David to Goliath

This metaphor means that coaching makes you grow into a wiser self. You gain self-confidence while facing even big relationship challenges. You take action and the coach only assists. You remain the leading power, and you make your dreams come true. We often feel overwhelmed and the "inner enemy" in our mind makes us feel like a failure. But mostly we fail by our "inner game" and not by the relationship challenge itself.

Therefore one side effect of coaching is that it improves your self-confidence and self-esteem. By changing the way you think, you change your actions and . . . your results in love and life!

Secret # 1 – Stay on Track

Coaching assists you in following your goal consistently. If you fall off, a coach helps you get back on track. This ensures that you achieve your purpose. Imagine going on a trip to Mount Everest. You would make sure to have a guide at your side. Coaching doesn't relieve you from climbing the mountain by yourself, but gives you an accountability partner.

A coach makes sure that you keep the promises to yourself and stay on track with your goals. Coaching makes you vouch for your commitment and dream of a loving relationship.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
— John Anster

ICF (International Coach Federation) is a leading global organization, with over 21, 000 members dedicated to setting high professional standards.

ASESCO (Asociación Española de Coaching) is a leading Spanish Association of Coaching, ensuring the professional practice of coaches who have been accredited by ASESCO by honoring its code of ethics.

One Big Reason Why Mentoring Programs Change Women's Love and Life by Magic

This one and single reason is "synergy."

Synergy is the interaction of two or more persons so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual efforts. When mentoring programs are well-designed, they take advantage of this principle by enhancing the learning curve of individuals exponentially.

After the publication of Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever the creation of a specific mentoring program therefore is just a natural, next step to support women all over the world. I don't want you to feel like a lonely fighter! This forthcoming mentoring program will boost your relationship skills by integrating powerful Butterfly Habits efficiently.

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