Why I Never Ask My Husband What Dress to Wear

Which woman doesn’t know this situation? You’re standing in front of your closet and wondering what to wear. That’s the moment that shaped the statement:  I don’t have a stitch to wear.

When it comes to the decision of what to wear, why do I never ask my spouse?

The message I share to women worldwide is …

Your best love and life are waiting. ​Walk the way and sing the song to make it happen.

The problem is, women think, that this quick question about what to wear is insignificant and won’t have a bigger impact on their lives. They overlook the fact that everything starts small!

Picasso painted artwork that shaped people’s senses and emotions worldwide. How would his canvases looked if he had painted other’s ideas instead of his own?

Or remember Coco Chanel who liberated women worldwide from tightly laced corsets? This would never have happened if she had asked a man what to wear.

The fact is, small decisions impact your love and life and who you become. 

Even the tiniest decision is linked to the habit of assuming responsibility. It shapes your determination and grows your courage and confidence in love and life.

Decision makers become the shining persons we adore. They follow their visions and make dreams come true. Gandhi and Jeanne D’Arcy shaped the world’s story!

But drastic divorce rates display that women worldwide are struggling to successfully shape their personal lives. They look up to the peak of a problem and feel too frozen to determine the first, tiny decision to change and take the first step.

And in fact, a 2013 couples study reveals ... when there's a disconnection between couples, women are less engaged. Also, the study shows that women are less likey to be the primary decision maker.

Everything in a woman’s life starts in front of her closet when she sees the challenge to make her own decision about what to wear.

Take the first step! 

Train your tenacity to decide on seemingly slight things. Believe me … a subtle shift can radically change your love and life. And for more assistance download the FREE Magic Decision Cheat Sheet. You'll discover ...

5 Proven Strategies on How to Breakthrough Any Decision Paralysis, Quickly and Easy, and to Make You Feel in Control of a Love and Life You Want.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I look forward to continuing this journey together in the next post.

And always remember …

Your best love and life are waiting. Walk the way and sing the song to make it happen.

July 29th, 2015