Why Humor Is Important For A Couple's Love

The tax declaration has to be done; within three days communication will only be possible by smoke signals because the phone bill isn’t paid. Your hair is crying for an appointment at the hairdresser, as it looks like you have just faced a tornado.

Daily duties and routine take the lightness out of love

While we laughed as a child every day about 400 times, we confine the muscle of humor as an adult to a sad 15 times a day. Why can’t we observe a child’s lifestyle and take things the funny way?

Even the lightness of love gets lost while we take care of our responsibilities and command our lives. More and more couple’s conversations surround strategies on how to deal with daily duties.

We forget to take care of love

Did you know? It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. Instead of painting a smile on our lips, we focus on digging wrinkles into our faces. Forget about expensive beauty products. Smiling is the least expensive way to change your look.

Life would be so much easier with a smile on our lips

That’s why humor is so important in a couple’s relationship. Humor not only lightens the burden of your heart, it helps to shift your perspective about things in a drastic way. Humor supports your inner self to get rid of resentments that poison your personal lives.

And humor heals hurt hearts!

True love is a journey of constant forgiveness. A discussion here, a forgotten promise there . . . countless situations make up the tension that burdens a couple’s love. Humor helps to release emotional stress and initiates the instant healing of hurt hearts.

Humor supports a couple’s confidence in lasting love

There are far too many issues that claim a VIP status while they’re just unimportant or useless for our goals in love and life. Don’t waste your energy; it is worth its weight in gold! 

Make humor one of your top to-do tasks in daily life

When you realize that you have to recover some rusty humor muscles, these hints will help:

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July 1st, 2015