What Stops You From Love?

Imagine a nice chalet in the Swiss mountains. And now imagine its garden. When I came home after staying two months abroad, tons of weeds blocked the pathway to my house. Yesterday I decided to get rid of it. The green had grown so high that it was difficult to uproot. I ripped it up while telling myself constantly . . .

Reap the roots!

I would be annoyed if I had to tear it out again and again. And while the sweat ran over my face I thought how easy it was to keep my garden in good shape with a daily routine of only 10 minutes. And suddenly I realized the luxury that this small habit would be once weaved into my life. What does this have to do with the garden of love and romantic relationships? What stops most women, and maybe also you, from living a blissful love life are weed-behaviors or weed-experiences. A once and for all clean up of those will be hard to do. Instead start with a small “weed” that’s easy to remove with the entire root, and dare to go for the bigger one, as your confidence grows. Make it a habit, and you will create a blossoming garden of love.

Dive in!

To get rid of the weeds in your love’s garden it’s evenly important how you do this. Is it a duty like doing your laundry or is it an act of self-love? As love is a feeling, your garden of love can’t be shaped without the appropriate emotion. Self-love is the key to growing blossoming love relationships from the inside out. While it might be easy to feel love by watching a sweet puppy, you might feel unable to embrace the same emotion for yourself. A simple way to master this complex challenge of self-love is: Dive in!

Once I discovered it when I was lounging in a deck chair in the sun. I listened to the whisper of the waves, and felt the warm sun on my skin. I was in peace and harmony -- fully connected with my body, with my being. Each cell was singing a song of happiness, gratitude and love for life . . . and for myself.

Make it a daily routine to honor your body and your efforts, not only your achievements. And by the way . . . this also works with a warm, relaxing bath during wintertime.  

Yes, I can!

I sat at a small table. Countless shelves with folders and files about career opportunities for students filled the room. I liked the smell of dusty library. In front of me lay a gray folder labeled Diplomatic Service. Since I kept that file in my hands my heart rate had doubled. Foreign countries, cultures, something to contribute to world peace, and a free ticket for parking -- what more could I want! With anticipation, I studied the training of a diplomat:  two years undergraduate studies in history, art, geography and policy. Thereafter the first exam hurdle; 20% will pass this test successfully. ONLY 20%! I closed the folder of my professional dream, and never looked at it again. What I didn’t tell myself was “Yes, I can!” Instead I allowed my fears and doubts to destroy this vision. What do you tell yourself regarding love and your romantic relationship? Do you write “Yes, I can” to any wall that separates you from your happiness, and dust off your inner resistance? Keep in mind that there is always a silver lining on the horizon! 

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August 27th, 2014