What Confident Women Know

Each morning, right after the sunrise, I started my journey into the unknown. I felt the weight of the backpack on my shoulders and the fresh morning air on my face. I didn’t know where I was going to sleep in the evening, which villages and cities I was going to discover or what kind of people I was going to meet. 

Before starting on this pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, I never bought a guide, studied recommended routes or explored any photos of the villages and cities. The only thing I made sure to have was the right equipment. 

A friend of mine did the same part of the pilgrim’s way herself, just some months ago, and she was the one who inspired and encouraged me. I never trained to walk long distances … and my sense of orientation was just fatal. Without a navigation system or map normally I got lost in any place. Nevertheless, an inner voice urged me to dive into this adventure. 

It was a daily challenge of trusting myself and having confidence that I wouldn’t miss any of the small, yellow arrows on trees, landmarks and houses that indicated the right way to go. At the beginning my mind was always worried about what was going to happen, how I would handle unexpected situations … but after a while not only did my confidence grow, so did my sensitivity for and receptivity to any small signs and arrows that marked my way. I didn’t have to think any more about what was going to happen … I just focused all my being and all my feeling on the present moment. I smelled the subtle scent of the trees and bushes, I saw every tiny ant crossing my way and I listened to my heartbeat. The slower I walked the bigger the impact of this experience became. When other people on the pilgrim’s way asked me: “Where are you going tomorrow? Where do you plan to spend the next night?” I just answered: “Tomorrow is so far away … I am confident that I will find a nice place to be and to sleep.”

Confidence isn’t just a feeling; it is also an inner decision to let go … and to trust the system of arrows and signs from the universe. 

The answer to the question “What Confident Women Know” is as follows:

They know when one door closes that another opens, and that one just has to stop looking for the closed door in order to see the one that has opened … 


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November 7th, 2014