Three Tricky Truths that Make Married Women Feel Ignored and Not Heard by Their Spouse

Men and women are wired differently. If women would attend to gender-specific differences of brain “architecture” then personal relationships would be more harmonious. So what are some main tricky truths to keep in mind? 

Brain Functions

VIP Symptom


To get heard by your spouse you need to filter and select your information flow. This stops inefficient communication and the risk of "spamming" your partner. If you start talking about truly relevant issues, your partner starts listen better. The following questions assist you in prioritizing your communication needs:

Challenge your degree of “spamming.”

Action Step 1
During one week take note of the topics and issues you share with your partner. 

Action Step 2
Check each topic with the above questions of “Prioritizing.”

Action Step 3
Rating from 1 to 10 (while 10 represents the highest amount) your actual level of “spamming.”

Action Step 4
Consider some tactics in your Butterfly Habits Success Planner to reduce your level of “spamming” in your relationship.


What are your secrets to ensure a “balanced” communication with your romantic partner?

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April 17th, 2014