The Single Most Important Factor that Keeps Married Women in Defensive and Dismissive Reactions

The one thing that makes a difference in your relationship’s universe is commitment. Love not always happens by the flash of a lightning; sometimes you have to decide for love. 

Without commitment you hand over the future of your love’s happiness to destiny. Do you really want to sit idly in the passenger seat, while fate drives your relationship into an abyss? Your dream life as well as your love life in togetherness is only available by commitment. There exists the proverb that love is a gift. But love is not just a thing that might be rescued from dust from time to time. Love is a living energy that requires care. Being engaged in defensive and dismissive reactions mostly demonstrates that one rejects responsibility and doesn’t commit to change things for better.

In addition to the insight questions and exercises in Chapter 5 of my book Butterfly Habits there are three more ways to strengthen your commitment:


Wear a rubber band at your wrist. Every time your inner voice whispers words that weaken your commitment, pinch yourself with the rubber band. The brief pain will silence the destructive voice in your mind, educate it to think the right way and realign your thinking on the achievement of your vision and goals.


Start with answering the following questions:

Then start collecting pictures, phrases and poetry that reflect your answers and might inspire you. Create a collage or a virtual vision board for your computer’s desktop. Make it a daily routine to look at it and to imagine what you will feel when your vision comes true. This activates the assistance of your subconscious mind – a powerful force within yourself.


Every day chose one specific action to demonstrate your commitment. Please select one that will prove to have a positive effect on your relationship. It has to be an action with a 100 percent success guarantee. Do something very small – for example, just to win a smile for your partner.  This will strengthen your commitment for your relationship step by step 

Tell me your personal secrets to strengthen your commitment.


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April 16th, 2014