How Uncomfortable High Heels Improve Your Quality of Life

I was sitting on a bench together with some other women, with my most challenging High Heels on. "Russian girls are born with the talent to walk in High Heels with ease and grace, regardless of the height of the heal" told us  our Russian teacher and to give her statement strength, she presented an elegant catwalk while wearing some dizzyingly high stilettos. 

Now it was our turn to perform the best walk. There were presented duck walks, balancing acts as from trapeze artists and the Yeti style, as if mashing throughout some seemingly deep snow.This was by far funnier than any comedy.

Sure, we all enjoyed a big laughter, however, that’s not the reason why I say that uncomfortable High Heels improve your quality of life.

The fact is, how many opportunities out there do we miss out on because we feel uncomfortable? 

And mostly we let them pass without having taken advantage of them.

Our fear of failing shapes our love relationship and life.

The voice in our mind controls the risks we are taking. And generally it goes for ZERO risks … by telling us … You can’t. If we had listened to that voice in childhood, we would still crawl on all fours.

“We find that women are indeed more risk averse than men,” conclude economists Rachel Croson and Uri Gneezy in their Journal of Economic Literature review article "Gender Differences in Preferences." They base their conclusion on studies that found significant differences between men's and women's behavior. 

The fact is, your best love and life unfold by taking risks. 

What you have today becomes your comfort zone, while all that you want is waiting outside of it. In order to achieve it, you’re challenged to step into insecurity, like when you’re walking in some uncomfortable High Heels. 

That High Heel weekend course changed my mindset, skills and life. While walking in my challenging High Heels throughout insecurity, I realized that this was the way to go for all in love and life. 

Whatever you desire or dream of is waiting out there, and it can come true by stepping up and walking through insecurity.

As a first step, buy some stilettos and walk them daily. It’s not about becoming a super model of the New York Fashion Show, instead it’s about getting used to the feeling of insecurity and risk. This helps you strengthen that emotional muscle for daily life. 

If for you stilettos aren’t a way to go, due health or other reasons, practice "book balancing." Start walking with one book on your head. Whenever you get used to the feeling of insecurity, add some more books.

Don't let Insecurity and doubts hold you back anymore from happiness!

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Discover 5 Simple Steps to Break Free from insecurity and Feel Unstoppable While Reaching Out for the Love Relationship and Life You Want.

My Russian High Heel trainer inspired it. You’ll discover how to successfully achieve your desires and dreams with a step-by-step process that makes you feel confident and energized.

By the way … at that High Heel weekend course all present women transformed from ducks into swans while walking some uncomfortable High Heels.

Always remember …

Your best love and life are waiting.

Walk the way and sing the song to make it happen.

August 6th, 2015