How to Rekindle Love in a Relationship

Is eternal love just a myth? Does love has a lifecycle like commercial products that leads to an end? I don’t believe so.

Love doesn’t have to be like a candle in the wind. Instead there exist vital love traits that make romance grow like a solid tree.

Love trait #1: Forget the future!

Most people tend to either consciously or unwittingly miss out on the important things in life. That’s what happens to love relationships too. But love is only available in the here and now. And when you want your love relationships to wake up like Sleeping Beauty then just a kiss will do that. Not the intention of a kiss. So, don’t wait for a time when things in your love relationship might work better to get that kiss. Instead, live and showcase your love right now, in this moment …. Today!


Love trait #2: Break free from lethargy!

Why are millions of people worldwide streaming to bakeries each Sunday morning? Fresh croissants are simply irresistible. Nobody gets excited about one-week-old croissants. Countless love relationships are longing for a fresh summer breeze. New things attract our attention. You can only rekindle romance by rekindling yourself. When you become excited about fresh facets of yourself and get passionate for new ideas in daily life, you’ll mesmerize your romantic partner. Shining eyes and the spraying of joie de vivre are irresistible and irreplaceable traits that will rekindle a love relationship.


Love trait #3: Turn the page!

Break free from the past. You’ll never reach out for new love traits when you don’t cut the connections to the past. The past creates the paralyzing idea that “I can’t” or “I am who I am.” The glance to the past makes your mind replay the record of your shortcomings and failures. But you need to let go of old personality patterns in order to attract a fresh summer breeze into your love relationship. The baker doesn’t create delightful croissants by recycling the old ones. Old habits and behavior patterns won’t rekindle any relationship. The delightful relationship you are looking for is waiting for you outside your comfort zone. Therefore, grow new and fresh love traits.

How do you do that?

As an additional help I created for you a “Love Traits Mini-Guide.” To download the FREE PDF click HERE.

Discover three incredibly simple steps to create an irresistible “me” quickly, and to feel the butterflies in your tummy again.

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And always remember …

Your best love and life are waiting. Walk the way and sing the song to make it happen.


September 2nd, 2015