How Ignoring "Feng Shui for Love" Ruins Committed Women's Romantic Relationships (Part 1)

Most women don’t even know that Feng Shui for Love exists, and that it has a critical impact on their love relationship.

You might feel confused as you always related feng shui to interior design. But feng shui goes far beyond an amateur concept like, “the left corner of your bedroom needs to have a candle to lighten up love.” Feng shui reflects the energies of how you live your love relationship. Let me tell you some true stories:

For example my friend Stella was single. She is one of those big-hearted women with a tender character one can’t help but love. But she was unable to find a life partner. The first time I visited her home I immediately discovered the reason why. Stella lived in a spacious two-room apartment with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. Her home was tidy and cozy. But there was so much stuff that I could hardly find a place to practice my daily yoga routine. Actually, there was no place left for a man . . . and for love in her life.

While Stella resigned to find her soul mate, Stacy was fortunate. She met Brian at her sister’s wedding. It was love at first sight. Brian was a responsible, reliable man who cared about Stacy’s financial and personal security and wellbeing. After a gorgeous dream wedding Stacy moved in with Brian, who lived in a five-room townhouse with enough space for both of them. At first sight the interior of their house seemed to be perfect. Everything was nicely tidied up and clean. Weeks after moving in Stacy’s stuff was still in boxes at the entrance of the house until Brian decided to place a wardrobe in his home office upstairs. When Stacy was home she used to work with her laptop at the dining room table.

But after a while disharmonies arose. Stacy and Brian weren’t aware of feng shui for love. There was an unbalance in the home environment since moving in together, and the consequences surfaced in their love relationship. While Brian dominated the space of the townhouse, Stacy was missing her own space. Stacy wasn’t aware of that. After a year she started to ignore or forget things they had agreed upon. Their nice home became messy. Stacy was rebellious, and even invented stories when she was late. While arguing about daily issues the true, unconscious source of their disharmony remained hidden for both of them.

You might ask: “does feng shui for love really work?” YES! Susan and John desperately wanted a child. But universe seemed to ignore their wish . . .  until . . . one day Susan consulted a Feng shui expert. The lady advised her to dedicate a corner of their home space to the future child. EVERY DAY Susan had to connect with this space, thinking about the joy of having a child while positioning fresh flowers there. And guess what … it didn’t take a long time until she was pregnant.

Your Feng Shui for Love Action Challenge:

Take a look at the space utilization of your home. Keep in mind: it’s okay when one of you two is working from home, and needs an individual office. Nevertheless, make sure to dedicate also some special place to yourself - be it for meditation, writing a diary or whatever your passion might be. It doesn’t have to be an entire room. Feng shui for love is about anchoring your personal energy at a specific spot of your home. This helps to balance the rights, rules and responsibilities of your romantic relationship.


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September 16th, 2014