How Ignoring "Feng Shui for Love" Ruins Committed Women’s Relationships (Part 3)

Welcome back to my feng shui for love lessons for radical change and limitless happiness in your romantic relationship. In case you missed Parts 1 and 2 of this series, please make sure to read them first.

This morning, while practicing Hatha yoga, I was thinking that it would be easier for me to write 10 parts than only 3 about this topic. There’s so much to tell. However I want you to focus your attention on the most important keys of feng shui for love.

As you already know from Parts 1 and 2 of feng shui for love … EVERYTHING is energy and EVERYTHING is connected. Therefore, the way you treat your home is the way you also treat your love relationship. The more conscious you are about this fact, the more you can take advantage of it. One of my personal secrets for having two happy marriages is … whenever I face challenges or disharmonies in my love relationship I focus on feng shui for love. Feng shui for love helps you to structure the problem, become aware of various perspectives, look for win-win solutions and … most importantly … get rid of habits that smother and strangle the love in your relationship.

It is important to understand that your inner world is mirrored by your outer world, and also by your home. When you feel confused or overwhelmed by relationship challenges, this also will be reflected by your home … and vice versa. Only by re-arranging your home you’ll initiate shifts, as your home and your partnership are definitively linked to each other.

There exist two ways to apply feng shui for love to clear challenges and disharmonies in romantic relationships: 


Outside - In

In one of my former blog posts entitled “3 Tricky Truths that Make Married Women Feel Ignored and Not Heard by Their Spouse” I wrote about women having an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion. When facing a relationship challenge they tend to enter a dangerous spiral of unbalanced emotions that limit their natural intuition and brain functions. That’s why disconnecting from the problem helps your creativity to blossom.

I love to play the following game: 

Imagine a specific room of your home completely empty, and start to create an interior design mentally. The most important questions that drive this exercise are: 

Transform your home’s interior design in a SUBTLE way. Avoid awakening the resistance of your partner. Each day, step by step, change something to support your love relationship. 

A second way feng shui for love helps to balance emotions and overcome love relationship challenges is …



The easiest way is to de-clutter the garage, your wardrobe or any room. While removing the dust and cobwebs ask yourself:

For example, I discovered that a weekend routine of hanging around on the sofa, and having dinner while watching TV became an evening habit during the whole week. TV stole our common time.  We stopped talking, sharing our daily experiences and connecting to each other.

Also, while cleaning my garage, I get rid of old or defective stuff lying around and blocking space. And I connect my mind with this activity by asking:

This last question is the most powerful ever!

When I realize that my man can’t do anything to make me forgive him completely … then the problem is NOT him, instead it is ME! Then I have to take a deeper look into myself to clear and release this matter. I usually say:  resentments are like pebbles in your life backpack. Small but if you will start to accumulate them, their weight will crush your love sooner or later.


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October 1st, 2014