How Ignoring "Feng Shui for Love" Ruins Committed Women's Romantic Relationships (Part 2)

In case you missed Part 1 of my Feng Shui for Love series, I highly recommend you to read first that former post before taking a look at this continuing article.


It was one of those lazy Saturday evenings in wintertime. We cuddled on the couch while watching a popular show on TV. Celebrities like Eva Mendez, Will Smith and Kevin James decided on crazy bets such as if by lifting a tractor on its rear wheels, a man could destroy three balloons hanging from the ceiling with a tiny needle attached at the radiator of his tractor . . . within five minutes.

On that specific night the bet was even more spectacular, and millions of people were watching it. A woman who was born blind bet that she was able to distinguish the colors of various clothes, something that seemed absolutely impossible. She never saw pink, green, blue or yellow in her whole life. And guess what . . . she won!

How did she achieve that? The woman just let her hands hover over the various fabrics, and precisely determined the energy of each color. She even determined if each had patterns of dots, stripes or paisley. It was amazing and shifted my perception forever. I realized that EVERYTHING is energy. I started to study the principles of feng shui, applying them to my home and observing the effects on my love relationship for many years.


In feng shui the choice of colors is of utmost importance. Colors have impact on your emotional state and your love relationship. Studies prove that people’s perception of a color’s emotional tone is surprisingly consistent across age groups. They also say that the impact of color on emotion is supported not only in verbal measurements (e.g., associations between emotional adjectives and colors) but also in physiological measures of emotional relevant responses. The scientific studies even provide color stimuli clusters that indicate the sad and happy colors. (For more see page 46 of this study:

Imagine the impact on your love relationship!

Your home environment and even your dress style energetically influence your conversations and the harmony of your romantic partnership. I don’t ask you to paint all your walls in yellow or dress yourself up in apple green . . . unless you want to look fancy. Instead I want you to change small things. In my book Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever you learn about a physical law proving that subtle shifts can create radical change.


Your Feng Shui for Love Action Challenge:

First of all I want you to think about the re-decoration of your bedroom, as this is the most intimate space of your love relationship. Buy new sheets or curtains. Try a new bedspead? Paint your bedroom walls a different color? Include more pillows on the bed to soften the room? Be creative, inventive and have fun by finding your personal style.


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September 23rd, 2014