How I Stopped Worrying Constantly


Are you worrying constantly? You may be unaware that you are, as worrying can surface in very subtle thoughts. Will I arrive on time to the meeting? What if we face rainy weather for the barbecue this weekend?

And one day I realized that I was wearing worries as my crown. 

This harmful habit had grown like a weed, eroding my wellbeing. Wrinkles and worries go hand in hand. Why spend a fortune on face creams? So I decided to dig for ways to get rid of worries and I realized that …

Worries weaken any wisdom.

Instead of watching out for what’s possible, my mind was replaying wired worst-case scenarios repeatedly. I felt like riding a carousel but getting nowhere.  So, I said to myself …

Worries are worthless.

They are just a risky road to travel, which can lead to constant anxiety and fear. You stop hearing the sound of ease and your eyes overlook the beauty of being alive. So the decision is all about to worry or win!

How do you stop constant worrying?

Women and men need different approaches to controlling this challenge, due to the different physiognomies of their brains. Women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion while men travel on a small country road.

If you are a man I suggest that you enjoy a relaxing evening with the movie Noble House.  Pierce Brosnan plays a business tycoon who masters overwhelming challenges. In one scene, he says that when there’s no solution to a challenge right away he stores it in a drawer of his mind for later, as he can’t afford the luxury of worrying.

Unfortunately, a woman’s brain isn’t born with drawers. Therefore, I had to head for some other hints. Here are the ones that helped me stopping worrying:


Hint #1:  Good Thoughts Wipe Away Worries

I found that asking the RIGHT questions unlocks useful options. Whenever my mind starts traveling “the road of worries” I ask myself:

I discovered that mind-mapping is an easy way to stimulate your synapses. And by the way, doing nothing is also an option when the risk is low. Here’s a short draft of a useful mind map:

And always remember:  Decisions dominate worries. 


Hint #2:  Achieve Emotional Freedom

There are challenges when logic is out of the game. Like a little girl who is irrationally scared by thunderstorms, any logical lesson loses its impact. 

Although research never confirmed the effectiveness of this method, for me it works. It is called EFT and refers to Emotional Freedom Techniques. American Cary Graig discovered that tapping/stimulating acupuncture points helps release psychological problems. By the way … do you know Brad Yates? He offers various tapping videos on anxiety and fear for free. Check out YouTube and give it a try. 

I hope you found some new inspiration in this post.

Tell me below, how EFT touched YOU.






July 22nd, 2015