How a Fingerprint Eliminates Disconnection and Transforms it into Blissful Love

When I used to travel from Europe to New York, customs urged everyone to leave fingerprints and have an iris scan in order to obtain authorization to enter the United States. 

And while standing in the long line and waiting for my turn I realized that I had never cared about my fingerprint before. In Switzerland this only becomes relevant when there is a criminal act. And right now, even with my glasses on my nose, it’s actually difficult to discover the fine lines of a fingerprint. 

What makes a fingerprint extraordinary is the fact that it is unique. There exists no other being worldwide that owns the same fingerprint pattern as yours. Even identical twins have different fingerprints. Isn’t that amazing? We are used to looking at our fingers superficially; as long as there are five of them we’re happy with them! Or are you able to sketch right away the pattern of your thumb’s fingerprint? 

And while still standing in the line and waiting for my turn at the U.S. customs I said to myself that also each love relationship is unique, and has a one of a kind fingerprint. And I asked myself: how many couples actually know their romantic relationship’s fingerprint? 

By definition a fingerprint is a distinctive mark or characteristic. In a love relationship the fingerprint stands for behavior patterns, communication codes, values and lifestyles, which create the perfect realm to make love grow and blossom. 

A couple who doesn’t know its unique love fingerprint is missing the most important information to make love last. It’s the same as if they were dancing without hearing the sound and rhythm of the music. They will step on each other’s feet unintentionally, push and pull in different directions, feel the missing connection, and even harm each other. Disagreement, misunderstanding, and arguing are all natural consequences. A couple does their very best to match both dance styles but is doomed to fail. And the fact is …. all over the world divorce tragedies indicate that the majority of couples don’t know their love fingerprint. 

And while I was still waiting in the queue prior to U.S. customs, I felt sadness sneak into my heart. Because love is a dance, and many couples share their own intimate songs. There is already love for the same music! But they are not recognizing the unique fingerprint of their romantic relationship rhythm. Sure, this might take some time to reveal it, but isn’t love the most precious gift in life? 

In order to identify this love relationship fingerprint each partner has to take a deep look at their personal love fingerprint first by asking himself or herself:

By removing layers from other people’s relationship that cover their individual, unique patterns, each partner will have a crystal clear vision of their personal love fingerprint that resonates with his/her core essence of being. 

In a next step the couple chooses an appropriate moment and place to share the personal definition of love with each other. During this process it’s not about urging alignments or adjustments, instead it’s about looking for similarities. 

This is a very special moment for any couple, as there is openness, respect, creativity, and freedom to shape the best sphere for a blossoming love that lasts. There is the will and courage to step out of traditional roles and principles of a romantic relationship, and reach out for the limitless opportunities to create a unique fingerprint for the common love. 

Meanwhile it was my turn to approach U.S. customs and to share my unique fingerprint with them. I felt my heart beat violently, not from anxiety, but from the joy of having found a treasure map that reveals any couple’s love fingerprint.  

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October 24th, 2014