8 Powerful Questions that Make Married Women Reveal Their Unconscious Leadership Gaps and Limitations

This blog content is part of the additional resources to the book Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever.

The purpose of the following insight questions is to enhance your personal awareness. These questions assist you in determining the best starting points to awaken and upgrade your feminine leadership flair. There is no right and no wrong response.

Find your intimate answers by thinking of past experiences, challenges and situations in your relationship. Download the Butterfly Habits rating list here and note your results honestly. Keep in mind that the list is not being shared with others. Are you ready? Let’s start your voyage of brilliant leadership:

Question 1:

Now, rate your answers on the downloaded list “Your Willingness to Assume Responsibility.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

Question 2:

Now, rate your habit of “Applying Strategic Communication.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

Question 3:

Now, rate your grade of “Personal Confidence.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

Question 4:

Now, rate your personal “Willingness to Take the Lead.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

Question 5:

Now, rate your grade of “Assertiveness.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

Question 6:

 Now, rate your personal “Ability to Take Criticism.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

Question 7:

Now, rate your level of “Goal-oriented Behavior.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

Question 8:

Now, rate the intensity of your “Firmness.
(0 = minimal / 10 = maximal)

This final “leadership rating list” is your personal call-to-action.

There might be other aspects that limit your leadership performance. I encourage you to observe and note additional factors on your list. Earlier book chapters you read handled already some important cornerstones of irresistible, feminine leadership flair. Keep reading and throughout the book you will discover more essential cornerstones. Start closing your leadership gaps and removing your limitations. Enhance your feminine power beyond your personal relationship.

How did you reveal unconscious leadership gaps and limitations in your personal life? What helped you to fix them? 

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April 16th, 2014