5 Things Happy Couples Do in the First Minutes of the Day

In the mornings, are you and your partner …

The first minutes in the morning impact the harmony in your love relationship

However, many couples are unaware of their bad habits they apply in the most sensitive time of the day. And then they wonder why they start their daily lives in a bad mood. They wonder why they feel stressed, nervous or under pressure as soon as a new day is knocking at their bedroom door.

Subtle shifts in the first minutes of the day can create radical change in your love relationship

When waking up you are most receptive and vulnerable. Your heart is open and a single thought or word can hurt and unbalance your emotion, energy and soul. The American poet Theodore Roethke knew that when he wrote in his Pulitzer Prize awarded poetry “The Waking:”

"I wake to sleep and take my waking slow."

These are first things happy couples do in the first minutes of the day

Chase the sunshine

There’s definitely a better way to get the day started than by the ring of an alarm clock. A study, focusing on medial-school performance, found that it’s bad to sleep too little; it’s also bad, and maybe even worse, to wake up when it’s dark. Human beings awake most naturally by daylight. Scientists recommend waking up from sunlight in summer, or artificial bright light if it is cold, dark and rainy outside. Happy couple chases the sunshine. Do you? This interesting blog post offers more details

Wake up and keep dreaming

Imagine creating your best love relationship from the comfort of your lazy body. Study results highlight the power of visualization, or, in other words, the link between thoughts and behaviors are a very important connection for achieving your best life. Imagine some people waking up every morning by thinking: “Oh gosh, another day!” Happy couples wake up and keep dreaming by visualizing their best life. 

Get a kiss kick instead of coffee

In her more than 30 years of research on touch, Tiffany Field, the head of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, has shown that the brain is very good at distinguishing an emotional touch from a similar, but non-emotional, one. She also found that emotions that are communicated by touch can go on to shape our behavior. Therefore what happy couples do is give each other the most loving kiss when waking up. By the way, new studies show that your body gets used to daily caffeine and coffee will help you less and less to wake up in the morning. So, get a kiss kick!

Shake it off and shine

Did you know that when you exercise in the morning you have more energy the NEXT day? Did you know that exercising before work makes you more energetic and much happier? Happy couples know that. So, shake off sleep and get your splendid self shining!

Set the scene

Do you never have enough time in the morning? How often do you stand sleepily in front of the closet and don’t know what to wear for the day? What would require only five minutes before you go to sleep is now robbing you at least double of time. Preparing the breakfast table the evening before can improve the harmony in your love relationship immensely. As a final hint, set the scene for a relaxing start into your new day, like happy couples do. 

What is your "special" wake-up thing that makes YOU happy? Please leave a comment below!

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July 15th, 2015