3 Ways to Banish Jealousy Dramas in Love Relationships

She was the kind of women that seemed to be perfect. Long blonde hair, clear and bright blue eyes, glowing skin, perfect body measures, enchanting character and an irresistible smile. So far I felt safe about the love of my man, but this female being could really shift my reality. The fact that she herself was married happily, and that there wasn’t any indication of infidelity by my man didn’t change anything about my perception. Neither my man nor she had an idea about my fears and doubts. I kept those secretly hidden in my heart. I knew when I would free and share them with my husband I would weaken my female shine of self-confidence and appeal. But how long was I able to keep this illusion alive? I knew that the best relationship advice for my jealousy wasn’t out there. No, it was right here, inside myself! That’s how I discovered the following 3 ways to overcome any jealousy challenge with grace and ease:

#3 MMM

This means to “Make your Mind a Mentor.” The voice of jealousy is damaging your self-confidence and self-esteem. The longer you are listening to it, the more it affects your heart, health and emotional balance. Your mind is missing signs! What are the responsibilities; what solutions have to be provided? Your mind can be the most powerful, unbeatable alliance when you take the lead. Just ask the RIGHT questions. How to get rid of that other women might not be the best of all questions, as another one could knock at your door of jealousy tomorrow. Instead my relationship advice is:  1) Ask yourself smart questions, 2) Seek answers that strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem.

#2 MM

This applies to “Make Music!” Studies reveal that emotions drive the quality of your thoughts. Jealousy creates fears and doubts that limit your brain’s capacity. The consequences are low-quality junk ideas that keep you trapped in the cage of jealousy. Therefore after Making your Mind a Mentor you have to provide it an emotional state that enables outstanding brain performance. Most of my clients demonstrate having the best and fastest results by listening to their favorite music. As this music generated a strong, positive emotional anchor, those feelings dominate your fears and doubts.

Special relationship advice:

#1 M

This means “Mesmerize!” This strategy refers to both of you: your man and yourself. Before you are going to encounter your object of jealousy, make yourself pretty. Nothing boosts your self-confidence more than a great dress, beautiful make-up and styled hair. Mesmerize yourself and then … Mesmerize your man. At home kick up your charm and flirt factor. According to his mood be subtle or naughty in a playful way. Activate your intimate bond of love and romance BEFORE you encounter your object of jealousy. “Mesmerize” is linked to energy that plays a critical role in any relationship. Our reptile brain immediately has to distinguish between friend and enemy. Even if you can’t see, touch or smell energy -- never underestimate this subtle force. On subconscious level your object of jealousy will instantly realize that YOU dominate the play area of your man.

Tell me how do you banish jealousy dramas in your love relationship?


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September 9th, 2014