3 Simple Oversights that Make Married Women Overcome Constant Misunderstanding with Their Partner

Ben threw the hedge trimmer on the grass and walked angry away. Mary didn’t understand what happened. She only wanted to explain him how to cut the hedge the right way.

This example may remind you of some misunderstandings you have faced in your relationship. Communication is an ongoing process of feedback giving and receiving. As we are not taught the psychological impact of language, our feedback is often taken the wrong way and leads to misunderstanding. By adapting the following three practices you may enhance the quality of your feedback communication instantly:  


Take action

During 24 hours have a little list with you where you note every single feedback you provided to your partner. Indicate if you were TEO or results-oriented. This way you unmask your personal communication pattern and can start taking care of it.

Conscious Storytelling:

Take action

Start creating your intimate “black list” of old stories. Take a good moment, maybe while enjoying a walk with your partner and tell him about your endeavor. Make a list of both of your “delicate” stories.

Avoid Communication “Bombs”:

Take action

Read Chapter 11 of Butterfly Habits carefully and select one cornerstone of the “badlands in communication.” Include it in your Butterfly Habits Success Planner and start eliminating it from your daily vocabulary.

What are your secrets to ensure a “balanced” communication with your romantic partner?
Share some more tactics that you discovered to overcome misunderstanding with the romantic partner.

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April 17th, 2014