3 Big Blunders that Accelerate Women's Aging

She was just amazing. Her long, dark brown hair felt openly on the shoulders of her black suit. She mastered the walk in her high heels with grace, appearing equal to the presentation topic. The fire of her temperament lit up in her words and gestures. Carmen was 75 years old! I was fascinated at first sight. How can successful professional women like her keep looking so gorgeous, attractive and charming regardless of the increasing wrinkles in the face? And one specific question started growing in my mind: “what are the big blunders that accelerate professional women’s aging?”


Blunder #3: Poor Sleep Quality ... or Sleepless in Seattle

As a young woman Carmen faced challenge of raising three little children alone, and managing a job for her financial survival and attending university to become a lawyer … all at the same time. Once her daughter became ill and she had to bring her to hospital at 2 am. The doctor knew her well and said, “Carmen, you look horrible, you need enough sleep to recover your energy. Go for a millionaire to marry.” Carmen agreed only on one point:  she urgently needed sleep. She hired a nanny the next day. Since then she has made healthy, relaxing sleep her top priority in life.

Why is having a good night’s sleep so important? Scientific research has found that less sleep reduces emotional intelligence and constructive thinking skills. Also insomnia affects body weight and the immune system. Not feeling rested can cause irregular heartbeats and skin lesions, both signs of aging.

There’s a smart hint that can help you to improve your natural sleep rhythm. Melatonin is centrally involved in sleep regulation and considered to be the body’s chronological pacemaker. Growing exposure to more blue and ultraviolet light by LED computers and TV screens may increase the risk of melatonin suppression. This kind of light is a sleep-thief.

But our sensitivity to light changes as we age. The natural lenses tend to become yellow and less sensitive to blue and UV light. Therefore, one hour before falling asleep use amber glasses, which are designed to filter out blue light. This can initiate the glands to release melatonin and improve the quality of your sleep. 


Blunder #2: Lack of Personalized Nutrition ... or Bridget Jones’s Diary

An exclusive seminar was for me the impetus to take a nine-hour long-distance flight from Europe to Canada. People from all over the world attended the event. The first day’s jet lag made me struggle to keep up with the intensive rhythm of the teachings. While I felt tired, one specific woman, called Sheridan, looked like the fresh morning dew … although she travelled in from Australia. The simple secret of her amazing energy and look was … being a nutritionist. Bridget Jones would have been more in peace with her body by knowing this specific woman. Sheridan revealed that it’s not a question of being on a diet, converting to a vegetarian or shifting to macrobiotic nourishment to have your face shine. No! Instead you need to know what specific food your body needs to evolve its fullest potential to regenerate on cellular and energetic base. 

Food affects your wellbeing, and can accelerate the aging of your skin. For example, the more sugar you eat, the more the protein fibers can be damaged, become dry and brittle, leading to wrinkles and sagging. These aging effects start at about age 35 and increase rapidly after that, according to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology

There are two ways you to prevent advanced aging:  the auto-didactic way or Sheridan’s counseling. If you like reading then check out books about what to eat to benefit your skin. They teach you to eat according to your skin type and show you how to moisturize your skin from the inside out. My personal changes were as follows: always to choose green tea over coffee, and when longing for sweet to select chocolate with a minimum of 75% of cacao. 

For Sheridan’s contact address subscribe to my blog, and also send an email to fanny(at) with the subject line “Sheridan.”


Blunder #1: No Balancing of Work & Love ... or I Don’t Know How She Does It

In this movie from 2011 Sarah Jessica Parker plays Kate Reddy, a wife, mother and career woman forced to juggle and keep all these balls in the air. Colleagues, acquaintances and relatives always say the same thing when they see how well Kate has the different aspects of her life under control: “I do not know how she does it all!” However, Kate can’t remember when she slept through the night the last time, and has again and again not gone through her never-shrinking to-do list. 

Have you noticed that your skin looks sad and is lacking freshness? Are you losing hair and are your nails breaking easily? The cause of these symptoms might be stress that accelerates skin aging. What you’re thinking is reflected in your face. Look in the mirror and ask yourself:  Do I like what I see? Are there worry lines or laugh lines? 

Don’t make your life and love relationship become a complex juggling and balancing act. At least make it a routine to disconnect after a busy day. Research has identified anxiety and a “racing mind” as issues that can cause trouble falling asleep as well as a shorter amount of total sleep time. Soothe away stress! Go for a walk, even if it is raining, and share your thoughts and concerns with your partner. Concentrate on your respiration, connect to your body, and share loving kisses and hugs. Embrace the beautiful things in your life with gratitude. 

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October 8th, 2014