10 Things I Gave Up for a Happy Marriage

"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages."

 ― Friedrich Nietzsche


Cosmic and natural laws direct the course of life.

Flowers are blossoming, fish are swimming and birds are flying because that’s their innate purpose. However, …

People believe that bliss in a love relationship is part of this natural process.

The moment you get a rock on your finger doesn’t guarantee lifetime bliss. A wedding ring is just the beginning of a lifetime dance. In fact, marriage is a wild tango with all kind of emotions and expressions. It’s definitively not a waltz.

That’s a dusty illusion of fairy tales and Hollywood movies.

As there is a difference between a girl and a woman, there also is a difference between a single female and a woman in a committed love relationship. We learn make-up tricks and hunt for the latest fashion tips to make our beauty shine. However, we ignore the most important fact that can drastically shift our level of attractiveness and irresistibility.

Success in love is a question of skills.

That concept is seeking an existence in darkness. While we take it as normal to learn reading and writing at school, we never question our level of relationship skills. We ignore our illiteracy. The only explanation for our failure in love is … that we haven’t yet found our soul mate. But that’s not really the point. Instead, the journey to lifetime bliss evolves from inside out and shapes our personality.

Here’re 10 things I let go of for enjoying a blissful love relationship

  1. The illusion that my wishes are revealed to him by looking into my eyes
  2. Always being right, even if it is so
  3. The expectation that he remembers our wedding day every year
  4. A perfectly de-cluttered home
  5. Comparing my spouse to other men
  6. The idea that when he's looking at me that he's also listening to me
  7. Always having the last word
  8. The concept that he always behaves like a perfect prince
  9. To focus on my own interests
  10. The idea that bliss in love and marriage unfolds itself


Now I would love to hear from you about what ideas and behaviors you changed for the happiness of your love relationship. Did it pay off? Leave a comment below and expand the perspective of my personal list.

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June 24th, 2015